Posted on: 01 April 2015

Laurel Farm Industrial Door

Stanair Installs Sliding Folding Shutter To Answer Laurel Farm's Problems

When farm owner Steve Ridgely was in need of a new roller shutter door on his premises, he called on Stanair for help.

Laurel Farm, owned by Steve, which is on the outskirts of Rugby has a Stanair roller shutter which has been working well for the business over a number of years. The door was repaired by Stanair a number of times after being hit by vehicles but Steve decided that it needed to be replaced and asked for a quote for a new one.

One of Stanair's surveyors went out to take a look at the roller shutter at Laurel Farm.

“The Stanair surveyor, who came out very promptly, suggested that a new roller shutter door would still get hit as before but suggested an alternative for the business” said Steve.

The alternative was a Sliding Folding Shutter that opens horizontally instead of vertically.

If the shutter is not fully open, a driver can still see in their mirrors, as opposed to the vertically opening shutter which once it is above the height of the mirrors, cannot be seen if it is not fully open.

The alternative shutter provided Laurel Farm the answer to its problems which in turn would save them time and cost as fewer collisions means no repairs are needed.

“I am so pleased that Stanair didn’t just provide me with the roller shutter quote, “Steve continued. “They used their expert knowledge to recommend a better solution that was right for my business.”

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