Posted on: 23 July 2019
Helping Elba boost their energy efficiency

Helping Elba boost their energy efficiency

Is your door energy efficient? Having the wrong door solution in place could incur higher costs than you think. There are, however, plenty of different ways in which you can improve your entrances and exits which deliver the energy efficiency results you need.

Elba, based in Wellingborough, is one of the UK's largest manufacturers of filing products, continually offering local cost-effective solutions to its customer's demands. Their vast product range, all made on site, are the perfect solutions for those who need assistance when it comes to organisation and filing of that all-important paperwork.

The site itself is a hive of activity, with multiple deliveries of stock heading out daily, carried out by forklift trucks to lorries. The highly used entrances lead out to the outside of the premises, meaning that in colder weather conditions, the lower temperature could pass through into the factory. Elba had a PVC Strip Curtain in the doorway as a preventative measure, but were looking for something more energy-efficient.

Helping Elba boost their energy efficiency

Paul Malivoire, Facilities Manager at Elba, got in touch to see if Stanair could provide a better solution. With the entrance being one that is highly used, it was important to make sure that not only energy efficiency was an important factor, but high speed too. After establishing Paul’s requirements, Stanair Surveyors suggested a Nergeco Rapid Action Door. The door was a higher investment than a new PVC Curtain, however, in the long term, much bigger savings would be made on their energy.

Helping Elba boost their energy efficiencyHelping Elba boost their energy efficiencyStanair Engineers were soon on the case to install the new door, meaning the site was left warmer, and the entrance could still be used just as often and efficiently as before.

“We’re really pleased with the Rapid Action Door, which we’re already seeing the benefits of,” said Paul, “the service from Stanair was brilliant from start to finish, and we’d be pleased to use them again.”

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