Posted on: 19 March 2019

Providing that extra peace of mind for Continental Landscapes

Your business premises, are not only a base for your staff and customers, it is also a place where your business assets, such as stock and equipment, are stored. These items play an integral part to your business offerings. Such items require ultimate security solutions, ensuring your premises aren’t compromised and fully protected, especially when no-one is on site. Failure to have the correct protection in place can, sometimes, leave businesses suffering from security breaches and having a devastating impact.

Stanair received a call from Alan Greenwood, Facilities Manager of the Northampton branch of Continental Landscapes. The branch, which houses gardening equipment and machinery, had unfortunately had a number of break ins. The site had security measures in place, but Alan decided additional measures were needed to be put in place.

Surveyors from Stanair were soon on site to visit Alan. They discussed what was already in place with regards to security, and where there were potential additional products available to improve and strengthen protection. On analysis and listening to Alan’s requirements, Surveyors recommended replacing the wooden fire exit door with a steel one. The stronger material, combined with reinforced edges not only increases security, but makes the door extremely durable in all environments. In addition, the door could have a security bar with ‘bullet locks’ installed to add even more resistance.

fire door, door security, industrial doors fire door, door security, industrial doors 

Other delaying techniques were installed, including a collapsible grille in the main doorway. This was so, should someone manage to get into the reception of the site, there was another obstacle to getting into the workshop area. Another obstacle put in place were anti ram-raid posts in front of the workshop shutters. This adds an extra layer of protection against any vehicles trying to gain access through ramming into the roller shutter. Instead of this happening, vehicles would be met with highly durable, polyurethane material, posts, making any potential intruder think twice about attempting to break in. The posts, however, are able to be removed during the day by workers who need to access the workshop, providing convenience during the day, and that much needed protection at night.

fire door, door security, industrial doors, grilles, security

“We’re so pleased with the service provided by the team at Stanair,” said Alan, “their expertise for their products was second to none, meaning we were provided with the best products to suit us. Our site now feels much better protected, giving us that extra peace of mind when it’s left unattended.”

You can find out more about our security products here, and Continental Landscapes here.

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