Posted on: 14 January 2019

Here at Stanair, we take great pride in using our expertise to provide the best solutions for our customers, just like valued client Brackley Rugby Union Football Club.

Brackley Rugby Union Football Club (Brackley RUFC), based in Brackley, Northamptonshire, was first formed in 1976, and are registered as a Community Amateur Sports Club. The club competes in the Midland division of the Rugby Football Union League, and is currently in the Midlands Three East (South). There are opportunities to get involved at almost every age group, with the club catering for younger players ranging from U7s to U17s, three senior teams and an occasional veteran’s team too.


Like with many sports clubs, Brackley RUFC have a clubhouse, which is a hive of activity and a great hub for players and supporters alike.

The clubhouse has a bar, which at the time had an old metal shutter equipped for security when not in use. Whilst it kept the bar secure, the shutter was quite heavy and presented other simple problems, such as dangerous to open/close and ability to find the light switch in the dark due to the solid shutter blocking out all light. Long-time club member and current club Chairman, John Pedder, got in touch with our Surveyors to see if we could provide an alternative solution.

Listening to John’s explanation of the current challenges the shutter presented, combined with analysing the shutter itself, our Surveyors suggested a punched security shutter. Differing to a metal shutter, the punched shutter allows plenty of light through, which has a two-fold benefit: there would be no struggles to find items in the dark and punters can also view drinks available, without compromising on security. The shutter is also lighter, but can have an additional electric switch placed behind the bar, meaning there are no difficulties in it being raised and lowered.


Stanair Engineers were soon on the case to install the new shutter. Working quickly and efficiently, the old shutter was removed and replaced with our bespoke solution. The end result left John and the clubhouse with a new shutter that worked perfectly to suit their requirements, and very happy members.

John said “We were very pleased with the solution Stanair offered – rather than just replacing like for like, they listened to our concerns and recommended the ideal product for our needs. The install was done with the minimum of fuss.”

You can find out more about Brackley RUFC and follow their season here.

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