A Gas Rugby site exterior with two grey Insulated Roller Shutter Doors. Stanair car in the foreground
Your brand spanking new roller shutter door has been fitted. Brilliant. You can now just forget about it, right? Wrong. 
Like every piece of equipment, your new door will require regular servicing to make sure that it remains in tip-top working condition, is safe to use and keeps your building secure. 
Far too often, our engineers are called out to repair a door that has not been serviced or maintained for many years. A yearly service by one of our experts can help save you time and money in the long run as well as ensuring its safe use for you, your staff and customers. 
A-Gas Electronic Materials, a worldwide distributor of speciality chemicals, are committed to keeping their Rugby premises safe and secure by using Stanair to service and maintain their on-site doors. The company motto is ‘together we can’ and this value is embodied in their commitment to staff and customers. A-Gas EM distribute products used in the following manufacturing industries: - Semiconductor, Printed Electronics, Microfluidics, Photonics, Sensors, PCBs, Electronic and Industrial Finishing and many more. Every day, their products are actively being used to deliver the electronic technology of tomorrow around the world – and we couldn’t be prouder to help them achieve this. 
Since 2018, one of our qualified engineers has regularly visited their site to inspect the doors, ensure that health and safety guidelines and recommendations are being followed and the doors are fully compliant. Our engineers’ trained eyes can spot any potential warning or danger signs long before they become apparent and suggest suitable repairs or further action. As well as this, our service includes making sure that all fixtures and fittings are to the manufacturer's specifications, checking cables for damage or fraying and checking the operation of all safety features. In addition, any fire doors are subjected to a ‘drop test’ which basically means that we test their ability to drop and help prevent any fire from spreading from one part of the site to another. As well as this, their seals and safety features (such as expandable bolts) will be checked and secured. 
Kristie Richards, Supply Chain Manager for A-Gas, said ‘Health and Safety is the heart of our business, keeping our site safe and secure is imperative for us. Stanair contributes to our security by taking good care of our shutter doors. When it’s an issue we can always count on your engineers, they are reliable and provide great service.’ 
Finally, it can be tempting to avoid the short-term costs of servicing your new door – after all, what could go wrong? – however, it is always best to regularly use a professional and expert service to ensure that your doors remain serviceable and secure well into the future. 
To discuss the best choices for you and your business, call one of our friendly team on 01536 482187 or email us at info@stanair.co.uk for a free no-obligation quote. 
To learn more about A-Gas and A-Gas EM and how they can help your company to grow and develop, please visit their website https://www.agasem.com/ 
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