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Shop Front Security

Transparent Curtains Steel Shutters - Features

  •  Visually pleasing
  •  Strong and reliable
  •  Still able to view shop contents as well as being secure
  •  Automation Options
  •  Available in solid form, brick bond or punched line curtains
  •  Different colours available

Aluminium Rolling Shutters - Features

  •  Available in solid form, brick bond or punched line curtains
  •  Powered or manual
  •  Different colours available
  •  Very secure
  •  Passers-by able to see window displays

Steel Rolling Shutters - Features

  •  Strong, Durable
  •  Galvanised or powder coated
  •  Available in many colours
  •  Automation Options

Rolling Grilles - Features

  •  In line or brick bond patterned
  •  Automation Options
  •  Light weight but strong
  •  High visibility of in-store products

Shop Front Security - Technical Information

Transparent Curtains 

Balancing the demands of security and display with a solution which meets concerns about crime yet still presents an 'open for window shopping' appearance is the strength of see-through security shutters. Demanded by planners, or an opportunity for generating trade - vision is promoted with a range of designs suited to almost every application. Retail shop fronts, commercial premises and offices seeking a less oppressive look to security have four profiles to choose from. High specification domestic applications are also favouring the appealing mix of light and security. All shutters are able to mix solid and vision sections to optimise performance. Back lighting of the shutters combined with darker curtain colours greatly improves the perceived level of vision by virtue of the higher contrast between internal and external light levels. Poly carbonate glazing is available with some designs to provide increased security.

Rolling Shutters 

Our Rolling Shutter Range has been developed to provide an architecturally acceptable answer to the growing need for vandalism and burglary protection on domestic and commercial property. The uniquely neat finish of security window shutters is evident when they are either built-on to an existing building with compact aluminium boxes, styled to minimise their visual impact, or when they are built-in. The slimline finish even makes internal fitting of window shutters a frequent choice. Continuous product development has produced a compact shutter of exceptional strength for small to medium size apertures. Other benefits include heat and sound insulation, shading, blackout and complete privacy. Unlike many designs, all solid aluminium profiles are double walled to provide higher security.


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