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Security Posts

Telescopic Security Posts

·    Effective security that can be padlocked

·    Easy to raise and can be lowered when not in use

Stealth Posts

·    No obstruction when down

·    Lockable in up or down position

·    Below ground fitting

·    Easily installed

Removable Posts

·    Forms a rigid barrier when positioned

·    Locks securely into position

·    Easy to remove to provide access

·    Galvanised, powder coated or bare steel

·    Deters ram raiders

Fixed Posts

·    Open topped or capped

·    Concrete-in or bolt-down

·    Galvanised, powder coated or bare steel

·    Available as ornamental bollards

·    Ideal for pedestrian and parking areas

·    Deters ram raiders

Perimeter Barriers

·    Help to secure site perimeters

·    Barriers can be removable

·    Different finishes available

Sprung Boundary Posts

·    Guide traffic around a location

·    Yield and resume shape after impact

·    Reduce vehicle damage after impact

Hinged Lockable Posts

·    Modest Security/Access Control

·    Parking Space Control

Security Posts & Bollards - Technical Information

Specification for Removable Security Posts:

Mild steel tube 76mm o.d., wall thickness 3.65mm. 
914mm above ground. Socket depth 267mm. Top of socket = 152 x 160mm. 
Ground socket & flap of cast SG iron giving high impact resistance, all galvanised. 
Retaining pin of zinc plated mild steel. Flap hinge pin of zinc plated mild steel. 
Weather cap of black polypropylene. 
Steel all galvanised. 
Weight of body 7kg. Socket weight 9kg. (Lift-out weight 8kg). Total weight = 16 kg.

Specification for Hinged Lockable Posts:

Internally spring assisted. Height 750mm. 
Tubular body 64mm o.d. Mild steel tube, galvanised. Wall thickness = 3.2mm. 
Base plate of cast SG iron. Two bolt holes 18mm diameter (for 16mm bolts) at 152mm centres. Overall base dimension 203 x 102mm. 
Weather cap of black polypropylene, snap fit & riveted on. 
Lock of non-ferrous metals, rust-free. WD 40 or similar recommended for occasional maintenance. 
Weight = 8.0kg.

Specification for Fixed Posts:

Mild steel tube 76mm o.d. to BS 1387. Wall thickness 3.65mm. 
915mm above ground. 306mm below ground. Overall length 1220mm 
Weight = 8.0kg.

Specification for Sprung Boundary Posts:

Of mild steel tube 48mm o.d. 750mm above ground. Ragged version 240mm below ground. 
Flanged version requires 3 qty 12mm bolts. Circular flange of mild steel, diameter 134mm, 6mm thick. Standard finish galvanised, other finishes & colours available. 
Weather cap of black polypropylene. Heavy duty spring retained by welded and bolted assembly. 
Weight 3.5kg.

Specification for Telescopic Security Posts:

Internal stainless steel components and nylon bushed mechanism for smooth operation. High security 10 pin lock. Full weather protection: mild steel galvanised or stainless steel tube, grade 316. 
Powder coated options available on request. Posts can be keyed identically or randomly. 
Removable, lockable ornamental cap available.

Specification for Perimeter Barriers:

To help secure site perimeters and provide a permanent obstacle to vehicle access. Also used to secure motorcycles. To mark boundaries, form trolley parks and protect vulnerable door entrances and exits. A variety of sizes and configurations are available in 48mm, 50mm, 64mm or 76mm diameters; others available to order. 
Available ragged/spiked for casting in or flanged for bolting down. 
Finishes available: galvanised, stainless steel (ss), powder coated or painted. Others to specific order. 
Manufactured from mild steel tube to BS1387 or BS8232/5 ERW. 
76mm barriers can be supplied in a removable version. Lockable by ground sockets and padlock. 
Grade 304 stainless steel is standard, but grade 316 can be supplied to order for marine and other demanding environments.

Specification for Stealth Posts:

Overall dimensions: 775mm x 160mm x 90mm deep. 
Heavy duty steel lid between 6.0-8.5mm thick. 
Steel case 3.2mm thick. 
Post diameter 64mm mild steel tube, 650mm above ground. 
Black polypropylene cap. 
Spring loaded mechanism. 
Integral lock supplied with 2 keys. 
Total weight 17kg. Lift up weight 7kg. 


Standard finish is galvanised to BSENIS01461 (1999) (Replaces BS729). 
Coloured options are available in painted finishes. 
Powder coated options also offered.

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