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Industrial Sliding Doors

Industrial Sliding Door Features

  • Available in either flat sliding or folding sliding format
  • Made from steel to ensure maximum strength
  • Optional pass doors
  • Optional vision panels
  • Manual or electrical operation
  • Certified fire rated doors available
  • Insulated option available
  • Can be arranged to fit around crane beams or railway catenary wires
  • Occupy very little headroom
  • Conform to CE regulations

Industrial Sliding Doors - Technical Information

Industrial Sliding / Folding Shutter doors can satisfy a number of applications and are particularly ideal for warehouses and locomotive or carriage sheds. Available in a variety of colour finishes, including powder coating.

Made with steel, these doors are tough, yet easy to operate, and will withstand adverse weather conditions. Folding doors are neatly stacked to the side of the opening, either within the actual opening or behind it. These also have an option of being bi-parting. Fire resisting doors are available with up to a 4 hour fire resistance.

Sliding doors are hung from a horizontal tubular track and are guided using a channel set into the floor. In certain circumstances however, the floor channel can be replaced by a second top track to prevent swaying.

Virtually any width of door is available in folding format and in flat format through making use of fixed or floating door units. Sectional Flat sliding doors are also available offering a 'round the corner' movement option.

For additional convenience and practicality, single or double unit folding doors and top hung straight doors are available with power operation.

Industrial Sliding Doors - Control Options

There are a variety of control options for power operated doors, including:

  • Remote control
  • Automatic timed return
  • Warning lamps
  • Infrared safety beam
  • Traffic detection induction loop
  • Radar

If this product does not meet your requirements then feel free to take a look at our Rapid Action Doors page.


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