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Flexible Doors & PVC Strip Curtains

Flexible Doors & Curtains Features

  • Extremely economical
  • Retain heat or chilled air
  • Reduce noise levels
  • Allow the entry of daylight?
  • Manual or electrical operation
  • Strip curtains made from strong flexible PVC, with double ribbed format available for extra strength
  • Crash Doors made from a 2-ply polyester carcass covered in rubber, with optional PVC windows
  • Conform to CE regulations

Flexible Doors & Curtains - Technical Information

Flexible doors and curtains are ideal for areas where frequent access is required. They are an extremely economical way of reducing heat loss and minimising draughts, as well as eliminating noise and dust. Flexible doors are also fitted with an automatic self-closing system to aid with this.

With double ribbed PVC strips and rubber coated polyester doors, these flexible products will withstand impacts from frequent usage. PVC strip curtains can be arranged to slide aside, either manually or by electric operation and can also be used in conjunction with a security door.

For extra visual safety with the crash doors, perspex windows are available, or part or fully clear PVC leaves.

PVC strips for the curtains are available in various sizes for smaller internal openings, normal use and heavy external use applications. These range from 200 by 2mm thick to 400 by 4mm thick.

Crash doors are available with a thickness of 8 or 12mm, depending on the application.


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