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Meet the team - John Standoloft

John is the man behind Stanair’s creation! Back in 1974, John was working at a company who repaired industrial doors. Instead of individual components being repaired for the jobs, customers were having to pay for replacements. With a desire to provide such repairs and deliver for customers, John started Stanair, with the name coming from Standoloft and Airs, John’s partner at the time.

Since then, John’s vision and hard work has seen Stanair grow to four depots. We’ve worked with a whole host of businesses installing, servicing and repairing their industrial doors.

John now is in the role of our fantastic Chairman and is still as passionate about Stanair and the tremendous services it provides to our customers. John once said,

“I realised that from the moment you’re born you’ve got doors in your life until the day you die. Then you go through the final door and then you go to the pearly gates – they’re also doors!”

It’s this love for doors that has helped see our company grow and prosper into what it is today, and we are grateful to John for creating such a wonderful business over forty years ago.

Find out more about John and the Stanair story in this short video.

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